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Mission (why?)

Define exists to reveal what a person wants to express about who they are and what confidence looks like. We have set out to create opportunities for an individual’s narrative.


Forward-facing clothes that appreciates who you are and allows you to represent what you stand for and what confidence looks like.


Values (company beliefs)

Confidence, Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Family, developing identity, being genuine, love, social awareness, empowerment, cultural opportunities, strategy, content, communication, transparency, creativity, loyalty and giving back to the community that made us.


Brand Personality

A leader, Laid-back and stylish. It’s artistic, able to ‘see the art in the everyday’ and imaginative. 


Positioning (how we stand out)

  • The attention is in the detail (clothing design, marketing, promotion, etc.)

  • Taking in what the world has taught us and offering ‘a confident state of mind to the world’ and ‘giving back’ experience and opportunity to the culture.

  • Showing you can be cool, comfortable and confident at the same time. Being YOU is cool

  • We take a personal approach wanted to make a connection with customers and partnerships

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